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The HEM communication solution is a service where everything focuses on seniors and their family. The starting points have been usability, usefulness

ubiquitous technology and reasonable pricing.

Usability and usefulness: an interface designed for the elderly that supports everyday life and makes communication easier. The senior is able to call family members with one touch and vice versa family members are able to see how senior is doing with one look. Communication, calendar use, and event tracking are done through the tablet and smartphone apps.


Ubiquitous technology: HEM uses sensors to provide relevant information about seniors' day-to-day activites. Anonymous data  is processed in Onskebo*s cloud service. Data is analyzed and put in visual form for an easy access. 


Reasonable pricing: the technology chosen for the solution and a sufficiently long contract period enable consumer-friendly pricing. The equipment is delivered under a lease agreement and the equipment is owned by Onskebo Oy.


Installation: when we receive the order we pre-install the equipment. The sensors are equipped with the appropriate settings for the application and the tablet is equipped with an easy-to-use HEM application. The rest of the family's smartphone apps are downloaded from the app store (IOS and Android). The sensors connect to the cloud service automatically. The tablet can be mounted, for example, on a hallway wall or a kitchen table.

Installation service: for the time being, we offer installation services not only in the Helsinki metropolitan area but also in Tampere, Lahti and Turku.

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