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Ønskebo is a family-owned company developing technology solutions in Helsinki.



Make independent living possible


Ønskebo’s mission is to help seniors live a good and independent life. Ability to function  changes as you age and it has a significant effect on how you do at home and what kind of help you may need there.  In life-changing situations, a person can momentarily lose his/her grip on life. The difficulty or changed life situation also affects those close to them. In our experience, even the slightest ease can help in a situation where everything feels challenging and overwhelming. It is important to us that our solutions meet the real needs of the elderly and families.

By 2030, 1.5 million + 65-year-old seniors will live in Finland. The challenges of care for the elderly, home care and families caring for the elderly are already known and the situation is changing in an even more challenging direction.  The problems of a changing world are not solved by technology alone, but it can play a big role in supporting, for example, independent living and daily routines.


Connecting families


The basic needs of a person include the feeling of belonging to a group. Society should be built in such a way that everyone can participate in their own community in their own way and thus experience belonging.  This emotion has an important psychosocial effect on human well-being.


As we age, keeping in touch with friends and family changes and often becomes more complicated. Decreased social contacts can make life lonely and also insecure. Family and friends are usually the main connection to the world around you. When there is no connection, the world also moves away.


The neighbor’s grandmother can be seen on a daily basis but if there is a lot of distance, the role of tele-communication increases.  However, the use of smart devices and applications is not self-evident with age. What is easy and clear to another can be very difficult and inconvenient for another. When UI-design pays attention to usability and  to the different needs of users, then technology can even improve  communication between family members.

Reducing loneliness and social exclusion


Life is not just about survival. With our solutions, we want to support a life in which it is possible for a person to be an active part of their own community and thereby get a purpose for their life. Activities include keeping in touch with family and friends, access to hobbies and other services. The more digital the purchase of services, for example, is, the greater the danger that we will exclude seniors from both services and the community.


Creating an equal and accessible culture is not only the task of society, but also the responsibility of companies. In order for seniors to be able to use digital services, their usability must also be in line with the seniors' digital skills and ability to function.

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